Susan’s Strong Lady Shortlist

Alien – Ellen Ripley

Thank God for Ripley. Meticulous, confrontational and level headed, in our first adventure with her she’s the last person left alive and yet goes back through the ship to save the cat. Would Hudson or Hicks or any of the other bad ass space marines have rescued Jonesy?  I’ll take this act of valuing and preserving life at great personal risk to oneself not as an example of weak, irrational, female behavior but as an enormous strength in our favor.  (The girl that goes out after the dog in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead?  Not so much).

True Romance – Alabama Whorley

Small, “slip” of a girl that gets thrown around by Blue Lou Boyle heavy James Gandolphini. Fat lip, bloody face, tossed bodily into the shower with tile cracking ferocity, things are looking grim for our damsel when she whips out the hotels tiny corkscrew and holds before her as her last defense.  “Aw”, says the future Tony Soprano, “you’ve got heart. Go ahead. Take your best shot”, aaaand she tiger cat buries it into his foot.  Ba-bamm.  Ahhhhh!!!!!!  David and Goliath story telling: not a biblical girly man, but a girl. Same concept.

Fargo – Marge Gunderson

Methodical and pregnant police lady doggedly pursues clues while walking with kind of a waddle. What’s with that guy from high school and his, “My wife is dead…I’m so lonely…let me slide up next to you on your side of the booth”? Pffft, whatever. Back to crackin’ the case in my puffy coat.

Erin Brokovitch – Erin Brokovitch

Not an Action or Sci Fi heroine but still an unstoppable, unflappable lady character.  Five kids, no reliable childcare and no law degree? No matter. Fiscal justice for the chemically malformed in clothes where my bra sticks out.

I have a ginormous syringe in my pocket and I am soooo happy to see you.

X-Men2 – Mystique

Inject a sadistic prison guard full of iron so Magneto can messily extract said substance and bust his self outa jail?  Kinda’ gnarly but wow. So the iron in a persons blood equals the same kind of iron as say iron crosses, iron maidens or iron mans? Okay but then doesn’t that kind of iron ingestion in large quantities kill a person? I guess the cleverness of the caper works for me and my chemistry knowledge is a house of cards so, I’ll buy it. Awesome lady. Way to get the job done.



Secret of Nihm

“Owls eat mice…”. You’ll be okay Mrs. Frisby, you’ve got that mom power, you learned to read and you are so much stronger than you know.


Dragon Flight

This is probably the first time I’ve admitted reading this novel to the unvetted.  We’re getting so close dear readers.

Mating dragons equals mating humans and you gotta fuck the weyr leader aside, Anne McCaffrey’s Lessa has her golden mama dragon, wields a defiant but certain attitude, and is gonna fly through time and save humanity. She is on fire, unstoppable and BADASS.

Heavy weyr-hide boots? Hell no! I can ride this shit naked!

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  1. Susan says:

    The whole Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey is great for strong women – not just Lessa. (And the covers have definitely gotten less sexist – but that’s the same dogged copy that’s on my shelf – I’m another closeted Pern fan)

    I also included a list of books for girls on your previous post.

  2. Jon says:

    Have you seen or heard about a potential female version of The Expendables? Thought you might be interested in this:

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